Knightsman’s History

Knightsman had its humble beginning in the form of a small tailoring house back in the year 2000, under the name Shreeji. It was founded by Mayank Waghela, our head tailor. Mayank utilised his years of tailoring experience to grow both his knowledge and reputation, and became one of the most well-known tailors in his city. Almost 20 years later, Shreeji was closed due to Mayank moving to Adelaide, Australia where he founded Knightsman. Today Knightsman is the most technologically advanced tailoring house in South Australia, offering attainable, luxury garments.

The Tailors


A master tailor and the founder of Knightsman, Mayank has been tailoring since the age of 14, making him one of the most experienced tailors in Australia.


Knightsman’s resident stylist, Ross has been with Knightsman since its founding and is an expert in bespoke tailoring.

Our Stores

For quality beyond compare, journey down to one of our private showrooms. With two locations, one in the heart of Rundle Mall and the other in bustling Norwood, a Knightsman showroom is never too far away. All showrooms offer a vast ready-to-wear offering and a private area for bespoke consultations.