Bespoke Womenswear

Luxury tailored garments for women

Enjoy the benefits of having clothing exclusively made for your personal needs and tastes, while averting the frustrations caused by the inconsistent sizing of ready-to-wear. If you are searching for clothing for everyday wear, or a specific event, we can help you design something one-of-a-kind that will fit you perfectly.

At Knightsman, our customers have the freedom to create entirely custom pieces and influence every stage of the design process including details like your choice of style, cuffs, collars, lapel, buttons, and much more.

The perfect silhouette

At Knightsman, our goal is to create tailored clothing that displays what makes you ‘you’ by enhancing all that you love about yourself. We do this by creating each piece from scratch. Our stylist will get to know exactly what look you want to portray and then work with you to design something that exudes everything great about yourself. If you’ve ever had a pair of trousers that fits ‘just right’ then you know exactly what we’re talking about. A tailor-made garment, with its perfect fit and silhouette, portrays confidence in a way no other garment can.

Clothing that fits

There seems to be nothing more inconsistent than sizing for womenswear, with sizes varying so dramatically between brands that it is a wonder why they take the time to print a label in the first place. At Knightsman, our bespoke range avoids this issue by crafting each piece using measurements taken from your own body. We utilise the care and knowledge of our specialist tailors, who understand how to create garments that perfectly suit your body structure. The end result is a perfectly fitting garment with a flawless drape and finish.

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