Wedding outfits - where to begin?

Finding the right wedding day outfit can be extremely daunting, with many couples struggling to know where to begin. At Knightsman, each showroom has a wedding consultant to help relieve some of that stress. With a private, one-on-one consultation our stylist will go through all the options available and help you design and create something that perfectly matches the theme of the wedding with your own individual tastes and requirements.

“Do you make…?”

At Knightsman, all our bespoke garments are made from scratch with thousands of fabrics to choose from, because of this when you ask “Do you make this?” the answer is almost always “yes”. From linen suits, velvet smoking jackets, traditional tuxedos and the more understated greys and navy three-piece, in our showroom, you will find exactly what you have been searching for.

As for customisation, not only can you choose the fabric and style – we love to add personal touches to your garment. This includes putting the wedding date under the collar, your initials on the inside, and we can even create custom lining that commemorates your special day.*

*Custom lining can take up to two months

Get on the Bride’s level

So much goes into choosing the right bridal gown, resulting in a bride so beautiful that many are overwhelmed with emotion. However, at times, there can be a disconnect between the angelic beauty of the bride, and the groom who looks like they have borrowed a suit from their brother who is two sizes larger and six inches taller. At Knightsman, each wedding suit is designed around the location, theme and most importantly, the bride. You can be assured the groom will look worthy of the bride and your photos will be ones you cherish forever.

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