Bespoke Shirts

Redefining luxury and comfort

For a garment that creates the foundations for both casual and formal outfits, a quality shirt can transform your look in a way that is unobtainable through ready to wear options. Whether worn on its own or underneath a bespoke suit, a well-designed shirt is not only a reflection of your confidence but can also make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire day.

Shirting fabrics

With a large variety of shirting fabrics and styling options, Knightsman can help you design a shirt to suit any occasion, be it a party, work meeting, or formal event.

Fabric options include checks, stripes, oxfords, patterns, pinpoints, and much more. Styling options allow you to design your collar including round, spread, cutaway, wing, or button-down options and also customise the cuff and overall fit of the shirt.

The final touch

After your shirt has been finished, we’re always open to further suggestions and are happy to make any alterations to give you the fit you imagined. After all, that is what custom-made shirts are meant for.

Our Shirting process generally takes four weeks to give you that flawless look that will make you look your best at any party or meeting.

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