1.1 Knightsman may make available for purchase gift cards (Gift Card) to be used to purchase certain menswear products that are sold at the Outlet and on the Website (Products).

1.2 A Gift Card will be issued to, and be activated to be used by, a party (Gift Card Holder) on the date (Issue Date) the party purchasing the Gift Card (Purchaser) has paid to Knightsman such amounts (by cleared funds) intended to represent the value of the Gift Card (Consideration).

1.3 The Gift Card may be used by the Gift Card Holder to purchase such value of Products equal to the Consideration paid by the Purchaser to Knightsman, less any ancillary administrative expenses associated with issuing the Gift Card, as determined by Knightsman at their sole and exclusive discretion (Gift Card Value).

2.1 A Gift Card may only be used:

  • at the outlet of Knightsman (Outlet); and
  • for the purposes of purchasing Products equal to the Gift Card Value (subject to clause 2.3), excluding any shipping or postage expenses.


2.2 A Gift Card may only be used:

  • Used over the telephone, email or any other means not detailed in 2.1 above; or
  • Redeemed for cash or any other entitlement other than the Products.


2.3 To the extent the Gift Card Holder purchases Products that are priced at an amount (Product Price):

  • greater than the Gift Card Value, the Gift Card Holder will be required to expend the entire Gift Card Value, and pay the difference between the Product Price and the Gift Card Value by way of cleared funds at the time of the transaction (Surplus Amounts), in order to purchase the Products; or
  • less than the Gift Card Value, the difference between the Gift Card Value and the Product Price will be retained on the Gift Card for future use at the Outlet or on the Website after the Gift Card Value has been expended to purchase the Products.


2.4 For the avoidance of any doubt, title in the Products purchased in the circumstance detailed in clause 2.3(a) above will not pass to the Gift Card holder until the Gift Card Holder has expended the Gift Card Value and paid to Knightsman (by cleared funds) the Surplus Amounts.

3.1 The Gift Card will automatically be deactivated where the Gift Card Holder has used the Gift Card to purchase such value of Products equal to the Gift Card Value (Deactivation).

3.2 The Gift Card will expire on the third anniversary of the Issue Date (Expiry Date).

3.3 On the Expiry Date, in the event Deactivation has not already occurred, the Gift Card will automatically be deactivated, of zero value, and will not be able to be re-activated.

4.1 The Gift Card Holder may confirm the Gift Card Value at any time by contacting Knightsman directly by telephone, email or at the Outlet by using the contact details at 5.3 of these Terms.

4.2 A Gift Card:

  • is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Gift Card Holder;
  • should be handled by the Gift Card Holder as if it was cash; and
  • will not be reissued by Knightsman in the event of loss, theft or destruction.

5.1 Knightsman is not liable for any (direct or indirect) loss, damage or harm sustained by the Purchaser or the Gift Card Holder deriving from the Gift Card or the operation of these Terms.

5.2 Knightsman reserves the right to:

  • impose any further restriction(s) on the use of the Gift Card at their sole and absolute discretion, at any time, without notice to the Gift Card Holder or the Purchaser.
  • refuse the use of a Gift Card where the Gift Card has significantly deteriorated or been tampered with in a fraudulent manner (in the opinion of Knightsman).
  • confirm and verify the identity of the Gift Card Holder against any information in the systems or records of Knightsman. Any personal information collected in this regard will be dealt with in strict accordance with Knightsman’s Privacy Policy, and
  • vary these Terms at any time without notice.