Shipping & Returns

When you checkout, we’ll provide you an estimated delivery time. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you receive your products on or before the estimated delivery time. However, sometimes the estimated delivery time might take longer than anticipated (due to shipping complications beyond our control). In this regard, we’ll always try to let you know if there are any complications with the delivery of your order.

Delivery Cost:

When you checkout, we’ll calculate your shipping fee (which will depend on where your delivery address is). However, we’ll always try to keep delivery costs as low as possible.

Delivery Address:

When you checkout, we’ll ask you for your delivery address. Please make sure the delivery address you specify is correct (as we will be delivering your order to that address).

*The above terms are subject in all respects to Knightsman’s Terms and Conditions, in particular those terms detailed in the section entitled “Delivery” of Knightsman’s Terms and Conditions which are accessible at To the extent of any discrepancy between the above terms and Knightsman’s Terms and Conditions, Knightsman’s Terms and Conditions will prevail.

Eligible items can be returned within 14 days from the delivery date if they are unworn, unwashed and with the original packaging. Please check the condition of items before returning.

We will inspect all return items upon receipt – any returns which fail to comply with the above will be sent back to you. The cost of return shipping is at the customer’s expense – we will not refund or add credit or the cost of return postage.

Bespoke, M2M, tailor-made and altered garments are not eligible for return, exchanges or store credit.

All postage and handling costs for returned or exchanged items will be incurred by the customer. Please retain the proof of shipping as Knightsman takes no responsibility for returned items, packages, or parcels that are unsuccessfully delivered.

Make sure to also include our Returns Form included with your order and invoice.

We will not process returns until your item is received by us.