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About Us


In 2017, after working together for many years, Mayank and Milap opened Knightsman Bespoke Tailors, but the Knightsman dream started long before that.

Being born into a family of tailors, some may say that Milap was destined to continue the family tradition. For as long as he can remember, Milap has lived and breathed the tailoring world, taking up the trade the second he was old enough. While tradition set him on this path; it was years of hard work and passion that pushed him to master his trade and develop the skills required to create bespoke garments of uncompromising quality and style. Mayank also had relatives who worked in tailoring, although his journey could not be more different to Milap's. At 14, Mayank was unhappy with the design of his school bag; it was impractical and looked awful. Knowing he could make something better, he found his parents’ old sewing machine and created a backpack that suited his tastes. Before long, Mayank was regularly creating clothing and developed a deep passion for the craft; a passion that has pushed him to perfect his skillset and create garments that are second to none. Upon reaching the age where he was required to provide for his family, Mayank made use of his talent and passion for creating clothing, to start his professional career as a tailor.

Upon their arrival to Australia, Mayank and Milap united over a dream to combine their rich history in the tailoring industry and create a place where quality garments, that were once exclusive to the master tailors of Savile Row in London, or the Neapolitan tailors of Italy, could be accessed by the people of Adelaide. This vision was realised when Knightsman Bespoke Tailors was launched in the very heart of Rundle Mall.